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Overseas money transfers and payments

You can make payments and transfers from your Noor Bank accounts using online, mobile or phone banking in 22 currencies to over 150 countries. You can also receive payments and transfers to your accounts in these currencies.

Find out everything you need to know about payments or transfers from your accounts, and the account details you need to give a bank sending a payment or transfer to you.

From your account

Exchange rates

For immediate transfers in online, mobile and phone banking, we provide live exchange rates which are updated every 90 seconds between:

  • the opening of the Hong Kong market on Monday morning local time
  • the closure of the New York market on Friday afternoon local time
  • Live rates won't be available on public holidays or if we have to close unexpectedly.
  • Transfers made outside live rate hours will be based on the most recent exchange rates from the close of business the previous day and will include an additional premium.
  • If you're setting up the transfer for a later date, the exchange rate will be the rate that applies at the time of the transfer.
  • Our exchange rate margins are tiered, so better foreign exchange rates are available for higher transfers.
If you need to convert currency on a regular basis, you can fix your exchange rate in advance. You can also get enhanced pricing if you convert large amounts of currency each year. For further details, speak to your Relationship Manager.

Daily limits on international payments and transfers

There are no daily limits on international payment and transfer amounts in phone banking, but in online and mobile banking there is a daily limit of:

  • USD 100,000 for transfers to other Noor Bank Expat account holders
  • USD 500,000 for transfers between your Noor Bank Expat accounts
  • USD 200,000 for transfers between your linked accounts in Funds Tranfer
In online banking, where you have more international payment and transfer options, the daily limit is:
  • USD 10,000 for UK credit card and utility bills
  • USD 100,000 for transfers to other international accounts

Call us Contact us if you need to transfer more than your daily limit and we'll put you in touch with our team of foreign exchange specialists who can explain the solutions available to you.