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If you want to invest internationally, make payments overseas, receive money from offshore or need foreign currency to travel, Noor Bank can assist with all your foreign exchange requirements.

Three channels to send money offshore

  • The global Client Support Centre
  • Your Private Banker
  • Noor Bank Online which features a new international payment functionality, with real-time exchange rates, to complete the international payment

We can assist you with your application relating to the over $10 million Foreign Investment Allowance (FIA) once you have been granted the Tax Clearance compliance certificate.

Order foreign exchange within 60 days of your departure We’ll deliver it within 48 hours or have it waiting for you at your disposal Use your Noor Bank Visa card at retailers worldwide and withdraw cash at any Visa ATM

If you're receiving money from overseas, we can facilitate the transfer of your funds from a foreign country into your Noor Bank Account, conveniently and efficiently.